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Unlike other whitening products that can actually damage enamel, the primary intent behind OraWellness Shine is to remineralize our teeth.  Once we restore lost minerals, we can address the secondary focus of Shine: to gently encourage a brighter, whiter smile.

How does Shine remineralize our teeth?

Shine combines 3 remineralization strategies to create a unique remineralization product solution the world has never seen.

The reason Shine works so well is because:

    ~ the minerals are exactly the same as the minerals our teeth are made of
    ~ the minerals are in a very bio-available form
    ~ the particle size is tiny in order to be incorporated into the tiny tubule structure of our teeth
    ~ the formula uses a unique delivery method to bring the minerals exactly to where our teeth need support

        So, one reason Shine works so well to reverse tooth decay is simply that Shine makes available tiny particles of the exact mineral structure our teeth are made of available to rebuild and restore the minerals that have been lost from our teeth.

        (If you'd like to learn more how our teeth remineralize, check out the Shine video here.)


        How does Shine gently whiten?

        Whitening teeth is risky business because most whitening products are actually bleaching agents which can cause a loss of minerals and weaken the teeth.

        Researchers found that there's one ingredient, white kaolin clay powder, that is the most effective to whiten and clean the teeth without damaging enamel.

        The good news is even staining on veneers or composite (white) fillings on front teeth can be polished whiter.  These dental materials are at risk of being stained by common staining foods/drinks (coffee, tea, red wine, green smoothies, blueberries, etc). 

        OraWellness Shine even helps to remove stains from these dental restorations.


        Micro-crystalline hydroxyapatite (sourced from pure bone powder from New Zealand pasture raised cattle), non-GMO xylitol (sourced from birch trees), sodium bicarbonate, white kaolin clay, calcium lactate (non-dairy), magnesium carbonate, himalayan salt, (mint version - peppermint, spearmint, menthol) (cinnamon version - cinnamon leaf oil)


        1 jar – 60 grams – over 200 uses, 3 jars


        Certified gluten free, soy free, dairy free, GMO free, rice free, fluoride free, SLS free, glycerin free.
        Not a vegan product. Contains animal products from pasture based cattle from New Zealand.

        How to use OraWellness Shine

          1 For general remineralizing support, simply apply Shine to a moistened toothbrush and brush as normal.
          2 To increase whitening benefit, focus on the front teeth when first starting to brush.
          3 For extra remineralizing support, swish Shine around your mouth for several minutes after brushing.

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