What is AIP Marketplace at Vivi Puro


We are a healthy marketplace that carries products that adhere to guidelines for those whose follow an Autoimmune Protocol /AIP Paleo approach.  We select products that are compliant and contain ingredients that are allowed on these restrictive protocols. We try to ensure to the best of our ability to carry items that will comply with the needs of our customers and we encourage you to work with your health professional for guidance.  AIP Marketplace is not just a shop for AIP -Autoimmune Protocol followers it is for those customers looking to make healthy choices in the foods they buy.   

 Please note while we take a lot of time and effort to provide products that are allowed in an   AIP lifestyle approach, each individual is unique. We have added our TAC label for products that use fresh organic whole ingredients to help you make informed decisions,  Please review the product ingredients carefully to see if they meet your special requirements. You should be aware that we are not the manufacturer and we can only provide the information the company gives us.  We are happy to answer questions or concerns. 
This website and online store is not intended to diagnosetreatcure, or prevent any disease.