NatDrJ - Texas Knows Allergy Relief for Kids - 2 fl.oz




Six years in the making, Texas Knows has been tested and tried by customers in Texas.  It has been Kid tested and Kid approved! They love it!

This formula taken in very small doses throughout the day will knock out all of those nasty symptoms, from runny noses to itchy eyes, Texas Knows Allergy Relief for kids will ensure that your child will be breathing easy for the whole allergy season.

Texas Knows natural allergy relief drops for Texas. This allergy relief supplement may be taken sublingual which is underneath the tongue.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Texas Knows Allergy Relief is to be taken as often as needed. Take ¼ dropper under the tongue, hold the liquid for at least 30 seconds to a minute then swallow the rest! Start taking these drops at the first sign of symptoms and use as often as needed. With homeopathy - less is more but use more often. Do not eat or drink for 15 minutes after taking.

Common allergens targeted in Texas Knows Allergy Relief:

  • Mountain Cedar * Ragweed
  • American Elm * Hay Fever
  • Willow * Mold
  • Oak * Pollen
  • Cottonwood * Grasses
  • Hackberry * Dust

Texas Knows Allergy Relief is professional-grade and homeopathically created in an FDA registered lab that has become the number one choice of health practitioners and clinics in the United States. With a Medical Doctor and Chemist overseeing the process, you can rest assured that Nature Knows Allergy Relief is manufactured to the highest level of detail and law governing homeopathy.6/1/18.

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