The Beet Lady - Beet SuperFood (ABC Detox) Apples, Beets & Carrots - 5.4oz

The Beet Lady


Beet SuperFood ABC Detox

Lowers Inflammation, Flushes Out Toxins

Lowers Inflammation, Flushes Out ToxinsDetoxification is very important if you want to achieve and maintain good health. Starting your day with a rejuvenating and invigorating detox not only makes you feel refreshed but will also keep you energized all day. Beet SuperFood ABC Detox is the perfect choice to begin your day. The constituents of Apples, Beets, and Carrots deliver health benefits that clean, clear, heal and protect. There are four major ways to remove toxins from the body: the liver removes fat-soluble toxins, the kidney removes water-soluble toxins, the intestines remove undigested toxins and the skin removes metabolic toxins.

Ingredients:  Organic Beetroot Powder, Carrot Powder, Apple Powder, Malic Acid

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