The Beet Lady - Beet Superfood Chocolate - 5.4 oz

The Beet Lady

SKU: TBL012ch

Beet SuperFood (CHOCOLATE)- Liver Cleanse, Lowers Risk of Irregular Heart Beat, Thyroid Health, Stress Reducer, Mental Clarity, Mood Lifter, Energy Promoting, Heart Health and Blood Pressure Lowering

The Beet Lady Uses Organic Whole Food Fruit Extracts, Never Artificial Flavorings!!

*Raises Nitric Oxide Levels*

Natural, Organic AND Non-GMO


Beets and chocolate contain compounds that allow muscles to work more efficiently during intense exercise.

5.4 oz Size = 54 Servings  

Ingredients: Beetroot Powder, Extra Rich Cocoa, Malic Acid

Beets are one of the most common and effective natural liver detoxifiers. Beets have been used to fight liver toxins and to increase the overall level of health of individuals for many years, and they can be easily integrated into one`s diet to keep the liver working at an optimal level.

Chocolate is a performance-enhancing substance. It releases happiness neurochemicals in your brain to improve your mood and reduces your appetite. Polyphenols in chocolate can help reduce inflammation in your body and feed healthy gut bacteria to improve your digestion. The pure unprocessed cacao contains more antioxidant flavonoids than blueberries, black and green teas, and red wine. When close to its natural state, the cacao beans, nibs, powder, and butter harness a powerhouse of nutrients that have been said to help lower cardiovascular disease, and reduce stress. This cacao is a raw form, retaining all of the benefits from the original cacao bean. Cacao is the best source of antioxidants on the planet, having the ability to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and risk of stroke. Consuming pure cacao promotes good cardio health, helps dilate blood vessels, regulates blood pressure, and reduces the risk of heart attack. Studies show that cacao contains neurotransmitters, which increase levels of specific chemicals in our brain that promote a positive outlook, facilitate overall rejuvenation, and help to elevate mood. Eating cacao causes a release of endorphins that give a pleasurable sensation that can reduce depression, heighten mental clarity, and provide a general feeling of well-being. Raw cacao is one of the best dietary sources of magnesium, which balances brain chemistry and helps build strong bones. It is also packed with calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium, manganese, and sulfur, a mineral that promotes healthy skin and aids in liver detoxification. A new Harvard Study concluded that eating Chocolate could keep your heart healthy.  It lowers the risk of irregular heart beats. Cocoa also contains zinc which is required for making thyroid homone.

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